Why we plan sustainably – getting started with the DGNB.

When it comes to evaluating buildings from an ecological point of view, we have long since stopped talking only about economic efficiency, for example by saving energy. Today, we’re talking about modern, forward-looking construction, preserving value as much as possible over the long term – and, of course, using resources wisely and sparingly so that our environment can be preserved for future generations. Economy and ecology go hand in hand.

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Since 2007, the DGNB has been bringing together all participants in the construction and real estate industry under the umbrella of sustainable building. The organization is the largest network for sustainable construction in Europe and the official German representative on the World Green Building Council. Through its certification system and public relations work, the DGNB ensures that the topic of sustainable construction enjoys a high profile.

Every day, we ensure that buildings are fit for the future and that values can be preserved and increased. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility, which we are happy to document through our membership in the DGNB. As part of a multi-voice network that uses its power to make a difference in the industry.


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